Net Recommendation: TOC

Net Recommendation: TOC

Introduction – Prologue to Net Recommendation

I Ethics, the Good Life and Digital Media
II An Overview of the Dissertation

Chapter One – Appraising Digital Media and the Good Life

1.1 A Walzerian Approach to Digital media and the Good Life
1.2 What is an Appraisal of Digital Media?
1.3 A Taxonomy of the Appraisals of Digital Media
1.4 On Prudential Appraisals
1.5 Prudential Appraisals and the Good Life
1.6 Why Do We Need Prudential Appraisals of Digital media?
1.7 Conclusion

Chapter Two – Modern Identity and the Good Life

2.1 Modernity and Modern Identity
2.2 Taylor on Modern Identity
2.3 Late Modern Societies and Self-Identity: Giddens and Beck et al.
2.4 Living a Good Life in Modern and Late Modern Societies
2.5 Conclusion

Chapter Three – From Culture 2.0 to a Network State of Mind

3.1 A Short Introduction to Web 2.0
3.2 Enemies and Friends of Culture 2.0
3.3 Vices and Virtues of a Network State of Mind
3.4 Who Should We Be in a Digitally-Mediated World?
3.5 Conclusion

Chapter Four  Another Look at the Good Life

4.1 From Singular Modernity to Plural Modernities
4.2 Confucian Dao, Harmony and Personhood
4.3 Confucian Ethics: The Basics
4.4 On the Confucian Way of Life: A Contemporary Account
4.5 Conclusion

Chapter Five  The Making of China’s Internet

5.1 The Chinese Communist Party and the Internet
5.2 Governing China’s Internet
5.3 China’s Internet for the Public
5.4 China’s Internet and Confucianism: A Walzerian Perspective
5.5 Conclusion

Chapter Six  Digital Media, Recommendation and Design

6.1 Perils of Recommendation
6.2 Paternalism is Inevitable: An Inconvenient Truth
6.3 On Being a ‘Paternalistic’ Philosopher
6.4 Conclusion